Monday, January 7, 2013

Wrapping up CD2

I am trying so hard to wrap up my assignments. I have 10 action attitude poses I need to complete in order to pass the class. It's been a tough hoe to row for me because of the holidays and stuff sitting down and really focusing has been a challenge. But this past weekend I sat down and really tried to put some time in with my elves and here's a few of the WIPs

Now in the scene with my two main elves the one standing off to the side was a doodle from a different scene....I just really covered that sheet of paper

And the one that is really rough was just me trying to block the scene that is in pieces. (The scene in which the floating head, big guy, and slumped guy belong...floating head not intentional and really not working...she really doesn't even look like my main elf)

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